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Domestic Priority        
Our services are subject to our Terms and Conditions of Domestic Carriage - Domestic Priority and the liability terms incorporated therein. Please read these carefully before you avail of our servicesThe fastest, most reliable, door-to-door delivery service within India and to Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan for documents and small shipments under 32kgs per package. The special benefits of this service are:         
             Delivery to over 14,965 locations in India Click on Location Finder to search for the delivery locations you require, or Contact Royal Courier Services.

            Free pick-up from your location Contact Royal Courier Services to organize a pick-up.

            Real-time Tracking through the net, providing you with information on your shipments from pick-up to delivery. You can also view, download and print copies of Proof of Deliveries and Delivery Challans or You may also Contact Royal Courier Services for information on the status of your consignments.

            Regulatory Clearances for all States in India taken care of by our team of specialists, to resolve your regulatory requirements. Check Regulatory to confirm details of the paperwork required to clear your shipments, or Contact Royal Courier Services.

            Free Computerized Proof of Delivery On demand, confirming the date and time of delivery as well as the name of the person receiving the consignment. You may use Tracking for viewing your Proof of Delivery, or Contact Royal Courier Services Domestic Priority provides a ‘Next Day’ delivery service to most locations in India. Click on Transit Time Finder for more information. Price Finder will provide you with the applicable tariff.Security regulations do not permit carriage of certain items on the Domestic Priority mode. Click on Restricted Commodities-Domestic Priority and Dangerous Goods prohibited on Royal Courier Services for information on these items or Contact Royal Courier Services for assistance.For any further assistance with your Domestic Priority consignment Contact Royal Courier Services. For information on Fuel Surcharge Click Here Click on Case Study for business solutions using Domestic Priority Services.

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